Sonntag, 14. August 2016

Cospicky: Seifuku Review

Hello everyone! Today I'll be reviewing the

"Japanese Student Uniform Seifuku Set CP154554", sponsored to me by the amazing cosplay shop Cospicky! Cospicky is a brand store of Spreepicky, mainly selling custom made costumes, cosplay accessories and wigs.

Please use my code "hotaru.senpai" for 10% off $50 and above

Price: $38,99
Option: Navy Uniform Set with Red Tie
Sizes available: S-XL

My ratings

Comfort: ★★★
The material feels like a real school uniform! It was very comfortable and I loved wearing it. It felt good on my skin and it was an amazing experience. The left side of the uniform has a zipper that helps you to slip in.

Quality: ★★★★☆
I loved the quality of the blue fabric which is about 90% of the uniform, the red tie and the sewn on white stripes were nice too but had a different and shimmery fabric that looked different. All in all it was very well sewn and is worth buying!

Shipping: ★★★★★
Shipping was fast. It took about 14 working days and I got a tracking number as well.

Overall: ★★★★

I enjoyed this uniform a lot, it looks like a real japanese seifuku and I love everything about it! I was so happy when I saw the little Hatsune Miku bookmark they put in the package as well. The shipping was quite fast even though I live in Germany and the customer service was really helpful and super kind.

Customer service

I mostly talked to Nickel from Cospicky and I enjoyed it a lot. The customer service was really polite and friendly as well as helpful. I got all my questions answered and they send me links and tutorials in case I had problems with using my store credit code. 

NOTE: More pictures of the Uniform can be found on my Instagram Account @hotaru.senpai

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Make sure to check out their other social media accounts as well~

It was an honor to work with Cospicky, thank you very much for the seifuku!

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